August 20th, 2014

Sausage Fest 2014: Picnic by the Sea

So, apparently I'm not a very good in-the-moment post-er-er. I already had an inkling, but this week has pretty much driven the point home. It's Thursday and I am now finally getting around to posting last Saturday's sausage fun. Oy! Be assured, it's not for the lack of fun had. I man who doesn't have fun with sausage, after all?

This past weekend was the Local Connection Halifax's Picnic by the Sea at Alderney Landing featuring a ton of local restaurants and businesses (from Getaway Farms' Butcher Shop to enVie - A Vegan Kitchen and many more!) and two sausage competitions. The first one was a sausage-making contest–the Premium Nova Scotia Porks Chef vs. Sausage–and the second one that I had the pleasure of judging was an iron chef-style competition–Pete's Sausage Showdown.

It was a hot one, the afternoon that is... and I joined fellow Connections writers Missy Simmonds Searl and Jules Chamberlain along with Chelsea Miller from Radio 96.5 FM to try an incredible, wide array of sausage dishes from Victor Chow (Saege Bistro), Justin Warfield (FRED), runner up Mark Gray (Brooklyn Warehouse)…
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