December 31st, 2014

This. Is. It.

Well, I thought I would wrap up the year with a few thoughts on another fantastic year in food. Just before Christmas, the lovely Ivy Knight of SwallowDaily asked me to contribute to a post she was doing about The Best Thing I Put In My Mouth All Year along with a host of other folks from the Canadian food scene. It's had me thinking ever since, as it was so hard to choose from so many great meals [first world problems]. I think I've made the right career choice, anyway. 

I'm leaving out all of my events for two reasons–I don't eat at them and if y'all didn't like them and continue to buy tickets, well there wouldn't be an events now, would there be? I trust your judgement. All kidding aside, some incredibly talented chefs have given a lot of their time to elevating our game and I am seriously grateful for this. We will continue to shine a deserving spotlight on all of them throughout the year. But seriously, who schedules 16 of Nova Scotia's top chefs to make over-the-top small plates for their Opening Gala event and doesn't try…
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