September 6th, 2014

This extended blog break is brought to you by the lock & launch of Devour! The Food Film Fest….

So, this space, where I used to cook and write for myself and friends.... 

Yeah, so, about that. I blame life and work and work that becomes all-consuming and swallows you up whole. Devoured. Done. And at the very best time too, when the best of fruit and veg blister and bulge under the last lingering bits of summer sun. Pure torture, I tell ya. Who's idea was it to lock and launch the Devour program a month earlier than last year and launch it in Toronto? Probably mine. 

Well, we're almost there. It's thrilling to see all the final bits coming together and all the fine people behind-the-scenes jumping on board for the ride. It's gonna be great to show you the culminaton of a year's work chock full of ideas inspired from all over in just. one. place. A year's worth of connections, fun, research, hard work and wonder soon to be paraded in front of you... on screen and on your plate. I couldn't be more proud of it all.

Check back here soon. We'll have a little meal together and chat about it all, we'll get a little punch drunk and then…
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