It's me, Lia! I'm the Managing Director of two [awesome] events listed below and pretty much obsessed with all things food the rest of the time. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and am surrounded by one of the most exciting food communities going. Actually, it couldn't be growing any faster if it tried. And every so often, my work takes me to places that lend themselves very well to even more food adventures. As for this blog, all I can say is, expect everything, but mostly a healthy dose of pop culture, the odd fervent rant and trivial, mildy-obsessive musings about cheese and bacon. 

Cheese lover, foodie, photographer, patron of food trucks, motivational texter, impassioned Irish-Italian, prankster, friend in wine....

I apologize now for the improper use & overuse of the ellipses... consider it a pause where you either laugh or take another sip of wine. It could even be a drinking game. In fact, my friend Nicolle just pegged it: e-sip-ses. 

Devour! The Food Film Fest, November 12-16, 2014, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Devour! The Beach, March 26-29, 2014, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas

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