Oh hey… looking for me? World’s most delinquent blogger?

Posted On November 1st, 2015 Author Lia Rinaldo  Comments: 0

Well... let's just say that my event Devour! The Food Film Fest has turned into quite an exciting, all-encompassing, intensive and delicious little beast. In a few short days, we'll launch our most prolific program to date–check out all the madness here. 5 days, 30+ chefs, 20+ workshops, 15+ tasting tours, more than a dozen dinners, parties & events, and over 75 new food & wine films from around the world. No small feat, to be sure.

I couldn't be happier, more proud and more exhausted if I tried. You can follow the behind-the-scenes antics over on Instagram

I. will. be. back. I will cook. I will write. I will strive to entertain you. I will re-engage with friends & family. Promise. 

See you very soon!

xo Lia

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