Talk to them! You speak shellfish!

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I'm in the final stages of locking down the bulk of the program for Devour! The Food Film Fest, and I've been burning it at both ends to get it done. When it came time to think about a blog post in the middle of this madness, I was drawing some serious blanks. So as I was counting empty dishes floating through space at about 3AM one night (and worrying about various event details)... it struck me! A little idea for some film and food fun with help from some very talented people. 

I contacted a few fellow food blogger friends to see if they'd like to play along and they were game. I asked them to think of a favourite film and set up a scene where the characters were actually eating one of their recipes. Just a fun little twist on a theme. As a bonus, instead of one recipe this week, you get four! I am also hoping you will discover someone else here you'd like to follow–the Halifax food blogging talent pool is rich–I tell ya. Be sure to hit the links for recipes and movie clips. It's such a wide range here, I laughed through all of the clips. 

Let's do this!

Kelly Neil of and Bailey's

My second favourite movie of all time is The Goonies. Released in 1985, the kids in it were around the same age as me. How could I not envision myself as part of the group, on the hunt for One-Eyed Willie's pirate treasure? The character Chunk is food-obsessed and the film wouldn't be the same without him. I think he would have liked my lemon ice cream

Chunk: See, you guys, you never listen to me. I said that there was going to be trouble, but you didn't listen to me. You guys are crazy. You know, you guys are self-destructive. There's a funny farm and it has your names written all over it, but I'm gettin' outta here. Tha... (stops cold, change of voice) I smell ice cream. (Chunk walks to a nearby walk-in freezer and opens the door. Inside are several containers of ice cream) Chunk: (happily reading the labels) They got Swensons! Oh look, they got Pralines 'n Cream, and they got Mississippi Mud, (excited) and they got Chocolate Eruption! and they got Apple, oh, and they got, Grape... They got Grape, and Super-Duper Chocolate Eruption, and... (notices the others, mouths hanging open, staring at something else in the freezer) Wha? Wha? (turns and notices the dead body) Aaaahhhhhh! (He backs out of the freezer trembling with terror. The others catch him as he stumbles out. The dead body falls towards them and they all catch it) Chunk: Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! It's a stiff!

Beth Dunham of

Even though it's not a 'food film', the first thing that came to mind was a line from Alien, so I'll go with that... a moment of comic relief in a sci-fi thriller, Bishop offers Ripley a tray of food, and she slaps it away.  The next line, "I guess she don't like the cornbread, either." My guess is that she hasn't had Beth's bacon fat cornbread. (no film clips for this one online- I suspect there are some rights issues- but how can you forget Alien scenes?)

Kathy Jollimore, eatHalifax!

One of my all time favourite movies just so happens to be a Christmas flick, the Christmas movie of all Christmas movies in fact. When Randy "shows Mommy how the little piggies eat" in A Christmas Story, I was instantly in love. So in love, my pig obsession has grown to new heights. I mean who makes bacon cakes really?!

And then here's me

"Talk to them! You speak shellfish!" I am a fan of Woody Allen's early films and in one of my old faves, Annie Hall, there is a scene where Alvy (Woody Allen) and Annie Hall  (Diane Keaton) squeal at each other as they try to boil up a bunch of lobsters for my Lobster Mac & Cheese. Gosh, they even take pictures of their food, errrr, like bloggers. "We should have got steaks because they don't have legs and run around!" 

You can find a full list of local food bloggers courtesy of the fine Facebook group managed by Kathy Jollimore & Kelly Neil–Halifax Food Bloggers. Stay tuned for the full food/film/wine/cocktail-packed Devour! program as of next Wednesday, October 9th! And thanks to everyone here for playing along. 

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