January 29th, 2015

A Visit to Sober Island Oysters

Hey there–I've been a bit quiet in this space post-Christmas for a couple of reasons... Devour! is as busy as ever, but the most exciting reason being that my brother-in-law and I are redesigning the blog here behind-the-scenes! After a couple of years, it's time to change it up, make it a little more user-friendly and searchable. I also want to highlight the photo side of things, as that's where my tendency seems to lie. Thanks for your patience, dear friends. I have loads of ideas for the year ahead and just had to get rolling on one of them. So, enjoy this piece...

I find I'm happiest when I am traveling, drinking in a new scene and making discoveries of any kind. It hit me this year just how much of my own province I haven't witnessed firsthand. Through work, I have had the great fortune to sample fare from Nova Scotia’s most talented chefs, but I'm not usually sitting in their actual restaurants in their communities; same for farmers and producers.

I first met Trevor and Michelle Munroe from Sober Island Oysters when they worked a fundraising dinner I…
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