Prepping & Steaming Fiddleheads

Posted On November 27th, 2013 Author Lia Rinaldo

Prepping & Steaming Fiddleheads

Clip the stems and brush off the fiddleheads removing the brown scales. Wash under a couple of cycles of fresh, cold water to remove dirt.

Place a strainer in a medium pot and fill with water just below the strainer. Place fiddleheads in and bring to a boil. Boil for at least 20 minutes. (you can also boil them directly for about 10 minutes). Serve immediately with butter or olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and salt & pepper. Or, with butter and a dash of soy sauce like my Mom used to. Seriously good. Seriously simple. They are great as a quick pickle, in a fresh salad and in a pasta. My mother sometimes makes a pasta primavera with only vegetables and these are a most welcome addition.

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