Smokin’ Cheese MacGyver-Style

Posted On March 24th, 2013 Author Lia Rinaldo

Smokin' Cheese MacGyver-Style
Mildly adapted from Sue Riedl of Cheese and Toast

Cheese (as much as you like)- I did 3- gouda, cheddar & gruyere
Wood chips- fruit woods best- I used cherrywood
Large juice can
Soldering iron
Tin Foil
BBQ- or something that will hold a pile of smoke that won't catch fire (& don't worry, it won't)

1. Prepare your mini smoker. Take the large juice can–remove the label, open the top with a can-opener about 2/3 of the way around, remove the contents and rinse. Using a triangular can opener, make a hole in the centre of the opened lid of the can where it’s still attached. Make a second hole in the bottom. These are vents. Fill the can with wood chips and leave a little room. Wood chips can be found anywhere there is barbeque paraphernalia. Fruit chips work best with cheese and I used cherrywood from Canadian Tire.

2. Prepare the smoke. Insert the soldering iron all the way into the triangular hole in the top, where the lid is hinged. Place the can with the soldering iron on the grill of your BBQ. You want the iron lying on the bottom of the grill, so the chips in the can fall on top of it. Plug in the soldering iron and the heat will cause the chips to smoulder but not catch fire. The barbecue should be filling with smoke in about 15-20 minutes. Avoid the desire to touch the iron to see if it's hot enough.

3. Get your cheese on. Fashion little tin foil trays to hold your cheese. Lay your cheese on the grill and let them be. Close the grill. Check after 30 minutes to gauge how much smoke flavour you like; bigger hunks of cheese will take longer. Flip the cheese half-way through the smoking to expose all the surfaces. This original recipe called for about an hour, I ended up leaving it for 2 hours.

4. Remove the cheese and let it come to room temperature. If moisture has beaded up on the surface, dab it with paper towel. Wrap the cheese and refrigerate overnight to let the flavours settle. The cheese will be slightly golden but not intensely dark. I served mine immediately and saved some wrapped for later. Both ways worked well.

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