November 1st, 2015

Oh hey… looking for me? World’s most delinquent blogger?

Well... let's just say that my event Devour! The Food Film Fest has turned into quite an exciting, all-encompassing, intensive and delicious little beast. In a few short days, we'll launch our most prolific program to date–check out all the madness here. 5 days, 30+ chefs, 20+ workshops, 15+ tasting tours, more than a dozen dinners, parties & events, and over 75 new food & wine films from around the world. No small feat, to be sure.

I couldn't be happier, more proud and more exhausted if I tried. You can follow the behind-the-scenes antics over on Instagram

I. will. be. back. I will cook. I will write. I will strive to entertain you. I will re-engage with friends & family. Promise. 

See you very soon!

xo Lia

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