January 9th, 2016

2015: the year in culinary… simply the best.

2015 was quite the year. Holy. 

Since New Year's, I've spent many days trolling through photos trying to narrow down the best culinary experiences in the last year. And then with a little closer inspection, I've spent some time looking at this sad blog... only seven bloody posts in 2015! It's both the good and bad, as my main focus has been getting Devour! The Food Film Fest off the ground for the last three years... and it has wings. Fly, little bird, fly. But frankly, it's been at a cost to this space. Seven posts is about one every two months and half the time there isn't even a damn recipe. And pray love, if there is a recipe, it's with ingredients that are not readibly available–like nduja, fresh oysters plucked from the frozen ocean or a smoked trout at the hands of a chef friend. Friends even chided me to share recipes like nasturtium salad rolls from this summer and I never posted them–even with a demand. I've certainly not made it easy to follow along. 

I'm heading into this brand new year resolution-less. I'm not that kind of girl anyway–bright-eyed, hopeful, excited,…
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