July 2nd, 2015

Dinner on the Ocean Floor - The Flying Apron Cookery

There's no time to waste. Literally. I'm posting experiences as fast as they come in, like a tide rolling in on the mighty Bay of Fundy. But seriously, I didn't want to lose any momentum here to tell you about this one, as summer is far too short and sweet here. This past weekend, I was invited by Chris & Melissa Velden of The Flying Apron Cookery to come and check out their brand new and super unique Dinner on the Ocean Floor. It was in fact, the first run at it... so, there was potential for the tide to lick at our heels exiting the ocean floor. 

In my last post about The Wild Caraway Restaurant & Café, I referenced bucket list experiences. Well, I'll be damned if this isn't one. l'm going to chalk up last week's Foraging Dinner as a now annual pilgrimage for me (not a downgrade–just a reclassification) and frame up the Dinner on the Ocean Floor as one for the bucket list. I have spent a lot of time with Chris, as we served on the Board of Slow Food Nova Scotia together for…
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