March 13th, 2015

Wanderlust with a side of poached eggs

If you're looking for the piece on Sober Island Oysters... stop on over here

It appears I may have a small poached egg addiction, but that never hurt anyone, right? Riiiiigghhtt, she says shaking her head. This is nothing new. There's a lot of love for eggs out there and even its hashtag #putaneggonit seems to live on in perpetuity. Picture it on a tombstone-She Put an Egg on It. On my recent trip to Berlin and London for Devour! work, I found myself with a serious case of wanderlust with a side of poached eggs. I'm serious! It felt like I was ordering them every five minutes. I've added a few extra shots of egg porn here to prove it. Goner. Hit the gallery link to view them.

Last weekend, as I was determining what to do with my ongoing stash of fresh smoked fish (thanks M!), I found a couple of breakfast recipes online to combine. And in the process, I may have possibly unlocked my new morning winning combo–smoked fish, poached eggs and chimichurri aoili. The chimichurri aioli is incredible–savoury, punchy & fresh with just the right amount of acidity–so when it…
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